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  • The Great London Whisky Weekender
    whisky flyer front low res.jpg
    The London Whisky Weekender 
    16th – 18th May 2014 @ Oval Space, LONDON E2 9DT
    The Whisky Lounge and Oval Space present The London Whisky Weekender, a contemporary celebration of exceptional whiskies from around the world.
    On 16th - 18th May, cutting edge East London venue Oval Space and esteemed whisky events company The Whisky Lounge join forces to bring the craft, innovation and heritage of whisky to the people...
  • International Whisky Day
    Today is International Whisky Day , in memory of Michael Jackson, beer and whisky aficionado and writer.
    Becuse you should know more about why this day is important, go grab a wee dram and then  click here !
  • Liquid Gems and Glassware
    Let me start this post by stating how excited we - @YFSTILL Headquarters - are about our fantaboulastic whisky tasting in April (Monday 7th @LazyLounge from 7 pm)! 
    It's going to be, at the very least, in alphabetical order: Awesome, Brilliant, Cool, Delicious, Exciting, Fresh, Glorious, Happy, Intense, Juicy, Kindhearted, Lovely, Marvelous, Nautical, Outstanding, Precious, Quintessential, Rewarding, Stunning, Tempting, Upbeat, Vibrant, Whimsical, Yummy, (and) Zesty!
    Now, in order to enjoy all the liquid gold goodness we are presenting on the night -...
  • Scotch & Water
    In his 1998 warm foreword to the second edition of Neil Wilson's wondeful book " Scotch & Water ", Charles MacLean says "Scotch and Water is a classic. It (...) breaks new ground, based upon detailed original research, (...) this book is about more than just whisky. It is about the communities in the islands that made and still make the stuff. (...)"
    In fact I reckon that it is hard to beat " Scotch and Water " as a...
  • On The Seas And Far Away
    How can my poor heart be glad,
    When absent from my sailor lad;
    How can I the thought forego-
    He's on the seas to meet the foe?
    Let me wander, let me rove,
    Still my heart is with my love;
    Nightly dreams, and thoughts by day,
    Are with him that's far away.
    On the seas and far away,
    On stormy seas and far away;
    Nightly dreams and thoughts by day,
    Are aye with him that's far away.
  • Our early St Patrick's whiskey evening
    It was obvious from the early days that we had been eager to bring Irish Whiskeys to our table. Predictably we anticipated St Patricks celebrations by almost a fortnight and hosted a particularly cheerful Irish Whiskey tasting on our usual monthly first  Monday of the month slot that happened to be the 3rd March.
    We went for a very Middleton-esque line-up of whiskies, with Paddy blended opening up as the traditional daily go-to dram and contrasting with second offering - Teeling Whiskey - as...
  • A Whisk(e)y Library
    Photo on 21-02-2014 at 11.28.jpg
    Here at YFSTILL corner we have started a little Whisk(e)y books library that will hopefully become available to all club members soon (details on books' borrowing to be finalised...).
    Bearing in mind our next tasting will be the "Irish Frisky Whiskey" , what better way to introduce the Whisk(e)y Library with Malachy Magee's book titled " 1000 Years of Irish Whiskey "?
    Here is a little snippet of the good words inside:
    "(...) It's a gladsome feeling just to raise your glass...
  • World Whiskies - Episode 1 Review
    February 3rd: What a fantastic evening of taste-travelling and exploring this was! I mean, the only way it could have been better would be to visit the distilleries themselves, but since our budget wasn't enough for that, well, we were very happy with second best.
    We started with the farthest away from us, Sullivans Cove, which is located near Hobart, Tasmania, roughly 10,850 miles as the crow flies from Leeds, here in the UK.
    Sullivans Cove used to have...
  • Getting it
    Some people have asked what Yorkshire Fellowship of the Still is about, what do we do, how we do it etc. To most those questions you can find the answer here .
    However, for most people that have not had the pleasure, inclination, time (call it opportunity) to attend our (or any other) whisky tastings, the question they should be putting is: What do we GET at your (or any other) whisky tasting?
    Well, to be honest, I can't answer that...
  • World Whisky (Episode 1)
    Less than ten days to go for our next Whisky tasting evening to happen... Are you ready for a long journey across the World?
    We will be visiting South Africa, Tasmania, India, Taiwan and Japan within the space of three hours and in lovely setting of the Lazy Lounge.
    Don't stay home, come along in this great adventure! You will be pleasantly surprised with the variety and the flavour profiles of Malts from far off lands. 
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