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  • Notes from our Grain Whisk(e)y Tasting
    Bryan Usrey, Yorkshire Fellowship of the Still P1170012.jpg

    Coming off one of the largest tastings of the year, the grain whisky tasting appeared, at first, to be rather underwhelming as Grain Whisky is mostly used in blends to substitute the more expensive malt. In addition, grain is distilled in a completely different manner than that of single malt with the use of column stills, which can offer a great alcohol percentage while sacrificing the robust flavours that one might find in single malt bottlings. Grain whiskies are usually the nails...

  • This Glass is very NEAT
    B. Usrey, Yorkshire Fellowship of the Still NEAT Glass Review - 26.jpg

    As whisky aficionados, the choice of glass is paramount. With an impressive array of options on the table, including the trusty Glencairn, one would imagine that the cabinet would be fully stocked and the market saturated.  



    However, like the overly engineered single malts appearing on our shelves, the NEAT Glass has arrived using science and technology to revolutionise the whisky drinking experience. Relying heavily on scientific research regarding the behaviour of liquid vapour in an open container,...

  • Hop, Skip(ton) & Dram
    Back in the day (actually a few months ago in April) I visited The Wright Wine & Whisky Company in Skipton for the innocent purpose of acquiring a couple of good scotch whisky bottles and the less innocent aim of introducing our "Fellowship" to the shop owners and maybe negotiate a wee discount for our club members.
    If the first goal was accomplished with the expert help of Mr Julian Kaye who recommended a beautifully citrusy,  cask-strength Dailuaine -...
  • Cheesenanigans
    YFS 10 Cheese&Whisky - 05.jpg
    We usually meet up for our Whisky Tastings on the first Monday of every month, however October brought something a bit special - a Cheese and Whisky Tasting.
    Because we know next to nothing about cheese we approached the magnificient Homage2Fromage cheese club to work with us in creating a tasting that was both sumptuous and joyful.
    And so it goes that we chose four whiskies to try 'marry' to four cheeses: Green Spot (Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey);...
  • Pat, Pet, Peat, Pot, Put
    It's been 8 months.
    Well... 7 months and 26 days to be precise, or 34 weeks. Or even if you prefer 5,712 hours (342,720 minutes or 20,563,200 seconds if you really want to know...) since we had our first foray into the smokey depths of peated whisky .
    Since then many whiskies have passed through our taste buds as we have been spoilt for choice in regards of quality and qua nt ity of expressions crossing our...
  • Leeds Whisky Crawl 2014
    > Monday 4th August , @LazyLounge,  from 7.00 PM <
  • Little Tipples, Big Idea
    2014-07-25 10.13.55.jpg
    A few months ago we were contacted by Richard Stewart, Director of a company called Little Tipples , asking if we were interested in reviewing their product(s)/service(s) and writing about them.
    Now, we are not a Whisky reviewing blog or website 'per se' but Mr Stewart's was keen for us to try his company's wares and, as we are (somewhat) reluctant to refuse an offer to try new whisky, we decided to accept his kind invitation and a...
  • 1 Hour of Bourbon History

    If you have one hour to spare and are interested in Bourbon this is for you:

  • Not Just Bourbon
    We could have had a Bourbon-only tasting on Monday and it would be awesome, however we wouldn't want to remind ourselves of what Britain lost back in the day (4th of July 1776) with just the good produce of Kentucky. No siree...
    That got us shakin' and movin' to bring you on this 7th July the delicious produce of Kentucky's proud sons Four Roses, Heaven Hill, Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD) and Buffalo Trace, plus the amazing Balcones Single Malt Whisky from...
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